Q: How many points do I need?

A: ​New members need to acquire 4 active and 1 service point. Established members need to acquire 7 active points and 3 service points. 

**Please see "Membership Eligibility" for more information

Q: What if I can't come to the meetings?

A: If you can not attend any of our regularly scheduled meetings, you can get active points in other ways such as donating to the food pantry or our other drives. Also, service points can be obtain outside of our organization. See the 'outside service form' under the Forms/ Applications tab for more details. 

Q: Why should I become a member of Gamma Beta Phi?

​A: Gamma Beta Phi is a prestigious national honors organization. We are selective in our members and we are an invitation only society. Also, when you graduate, you get to choose from a GBP graduation stole or cord to wear at graduation. Also, we provide 3 scholarships to our members. One is a disability scholarship for members who suffer or has suffered from any physical or mental disability. We also offer two leadership based scholarships.  


  • Membership dues are due on Sept 19. 
    • ​We will accept late dues of $15 until our last meeting- Nov. 28 ; 5 pm. 
  • ​If you do not pay dues, you will be dismissed from this organization.

  • ​We will be selling T-shirts this semester! T-shirts will be available at all meetings. (See T-shirt design below)



Beta Phi